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Mescaline Powder,Mescaline powder is a hallucinogen obtained from the small,spineless cactus peyote (Lophophora Williams) Mescaline powder is used primarily as a recreational drug and is also used to supplement various types of meditation and psychedelic therapy.Mescaline may be highly addictive.

How to use Mescaline powder
The hallucinogenic dose for mescaline powder is about 0.3 to 0.5 grams equivalent to abbout 5grams of dried peyote and last about 12 hours.Users typically experience visual hallucinations and radically altered states of consciousness often experienced as pleasurable and illuminating.


Side effects of mescaline use may include:
.Racing heartbeat
.Troubled breathing

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What is a mescaline cactus?

Mescaline cacti contain mescaline. Mescaline is a psychedelic compound. The effects of mescaline are similar to LSD and magic mushrooms. Although it may be a bit new for us in the Netherlands, it has been used for centuries in Central America, mainly Mexico. In Mexico, mescaline was used during sacred rituals of the Shaan.

The history of mescaline cacti

Many centuries ago, Indians in Mexico used mescaline cacti for the mescaline that is in it. It would take many years for mescaline to be ï soated by a chemist for the first time. His name was Arthur Heffter and he came from Germany. This was in 1897. In 1918, for the first time, synthetic mescaline was created by Ernst Späth.

Using Mescaline

The Indians in Mexico use mescaline during shamanic rituals to achieve higher spheres. Today, mescaline is not so much used in rituals, but rather to get into the higher realms. From mescaline you may as well get hallucinations like for example, the use of mushrooms or magical truffles.

To get mescaline inside of you, you can eat the mescaline from the cactus. You can do this raw but you can also choose to dry the mescaline first. When you dry it, the effect of the mescaline is increased.

The effects of mescaline cacti

As well as other forms of drugs, mescaline has a different effect on each one. The dosage and mood and sensitivity play a role in this per person. The mescaline cactus is best known for its hallucinatory characteristics. Mescaline is an Alkaloïd  that causes these hallucinations. The effects you may feel when using mescaline cacti are:

  • Colors become brighter
  • Self-consciousness changed
  • Another perception of time
  • Hallucinations
  • Your way of thinking changes
  • Euphoric feeling

Like magic mushrooms or truffles, you can also find answers to your questions with the use of San Pedro or Peyote. You will connect into another consciousness. It seems like your brain is working more or differently. Therefore, in Silicon Valley mescaline is also used for microdosing.

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When naturally-derived, mescaline is found in the fruit or button-shaped seeds that grow on the outside of the cactus, which are cut off and dried and then eaten or sliced, boiled, and drunk as a tea. These buttons can also be dried and ground into an off-white powder put into pill capsules or smoked with tobacco.

Mescaline can also be produced through chemical synthesis. Mescaline sulfate is the pure form of the drug and appears as a white crystalline material.

What Does Mescaline Do?

The effects of mescaline last for 10 to 12 hours, although the use of mescaline as a sacrament takes place over two days. As a hallucinogenic or psychedelic drug, mescaline induces an altered state of consciousness where people experience altered thinking and perception. People often describe this state as enjoyable, euphoric, and dream-like.  Visual hallucinations are a common effect of mescaline use, and people often describe distortions in their experience of time.

How Long Does Mescaline Stay in Your System?

The amount of time mescaline stays in the system depends on factors such as an individual’s metabolism, hydration levels, body mass, and overall health. Mescaline can be detected in urine for between two to three days but can be detected by hair follicle tests for up to 90 days.

Myths & Common Questions of Mescaline for Sale 

Mescaline for Sale is sometimes confused with the Mexican alcoholic beverage mezcal, which, despite drug folklore, is made from agave, not a cactus, and does not contain mescaline. The worm that is sometimes found in a bottle of mezcal does not, as often purported, induce a mescaline high because it does not contain the drug either.

Although mescaline is not a particularly well-known street drug, it holds a special place in drug culture, particularly among psychedelic drug users who may believe that, like magic mushrooms and marijuana, psychedelic cactus are sacred plants and should be revered due to their origination in nature.

As mescaline is often thought of as a “natural” or “safe” substance, users may be less likely to report effects than with “chemical” substances, instead perhaps choosing to manage the effects of the drug without the support of health services.