How successful is delivery?

We ensure that all packages are shipped with maximum discretion. Products are removed from their original boxes and repacked with extreme care and precaution, specifically to minimize shipment volume. Our organization name is not indicated on any package and shipments are sent from various shipping points to ensure maximum discretion and highest probability of successful delivery.

How Do You Ship Your Products?

We can’t disclose specifics for security reasons but this response serves the question.

We ship our products world wide and all packages are shipped very discreet.

  • Our organization name or anything else that would imply that we ship research chemicals thus revealing the contents of the package is never used in our shipments.
  • Packaging types are changed constantly to achieve max delivery success!
  • The size of our packages are never larger than what would cause unnecessary suspicion. If the order is too large to fit in one package, it will automatically be divided into two or more packages (all for one Shipment & Handling charge).
  • We also reuse original cardboard boxes for packing different products that fit in ( because we are ecological oriented company and because this way there is more possibility to deliver successfully)
  • Shipments are sent from various shipping points in USA, Asia and Europe.

My Online Transaction Cancelled by Western Union. What should I Do?

In some cases, Western Union will cancel an online transaction paid with credit card if their fraud detection system detects some irregularities with the information you provide or the location from which you are making the payment. This does not necessarily mean you are committing fraud. Please simply contact Western Union for clarification or send cash at agent location instead.

What Will Happen If My Package is Seized by Customs?

When it comes to shipping and delivery of chemicals, no vendor can guarantee 100% delivery success rate because in some cases even perfectly legal chemicals are held by customs officials at their discretion. We do our best to ensure that delivery is successful and so far we have maintained an overall success rate of more than 90%. If your package is seized, it will be re-shipped or your money refunded.

I Have Placed An Order. How Do I Pay?

If your order was placed within working hours you will receive information on how to submit payment within an hour. Some orders placed beyond working hours may observe some delays in the provision of payment instructions. Generally, if you don’t hear from us within 3 hours after submitting an order, please contact us. Bitcoin payments are straight-forward and do not need further instructions. You can either pay automatically using the checkout payment gateway or send funds to the bitcoin wallet provided during checkout.