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4-CDC crystal is a recent research chemical an a psychostimulant. It is similar to 4mec or 4-CMC. Its purity is over 95%. There is very little information regarding the pharmacology of 4-CDC(crystal) within the scientific literature. 4-CDC is for research test purposes only! 4cdc for sale

Our report for the assurance of 4-chloro-N, N-dimethylcathinone (4-CDC), a recently experienced NPS in drug seizures analyzed in our research center, and its separation from 4-chloroethcathinone (4-CEC), one of the most widely recognized cathinones we report our findings for the determination of 4-chloro-N,N-dimethylcathinone (4-CDC), a newly encountered NPS in drug seizures examined in our laboratory, and its differentiation from 4-chloroethcathinone (4-CEC), one of the most common cathinone examined locally, and their respective regioisomers, namely 2-CDC and 3-CDC, as well as 2-CEC and 3-CEC in routine drug analysis.
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As CDCs and CECs have the same molecular mass of 211 with similar and non-characteristic spectra when analyzed by gas chromatography-electron ionization-mass spectrometer (GC–EI-MS), it is imperative to establish methods easily amendable for forensic laboratories to differentiate these substances unambiguously. To confirm the identity of the solid, reference standards of all regioisomers of CDC (i.e., 2-CDC, 3-CDC, and 4-CDC) and CEC (i.e., 2-CEC, 3-CEC, and 4-CEC) were acquired and analyzed using GC–EI-MS, liquid chromatography-diode array detector (LC–DAD) and Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometer (FTIR) commonly used in routine forensic drug analysis.



Product Name: 4cdc
Cas Number: 82657-23-6
Molecular Formula: C13H19NO.HCl
Appearance: Crystalline solid and powder
Application: Research purposes


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In addition, drug analysis with a gas chromatography-chemical ionization-mass spectrometer (GC–CI-MS) using methane as the reagent gas operated in positive mode was also explored. It is found that using GC–EI-MS, all isomers of CDCs and CECs eluted with close but different retention times. However, the mass spectra between respective regioisomers were similar and difficult to distinguish. Using LC–DAD, the retention times of all studied cathinone were again different although there was partial overlap between 3-CDC and 4-CDC as well as between 3-CEC and 4-CEC they all have distinguishable UV spectra. 4-CDC,4cdc,4CDC,4-CDC 4-sec crystals in stock fast safe shipping

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