Warning Signs of Abuse and Addiction

Methamphetamine addicts who use the drug can be diagnosed with a stimulant use disorder, a term provided by medical and mental health professionals to show that the use of stimulants can cause serious problems.

5 Signs of a stimulant usage disorder are at least two of the following:

Utilizing meth for long time periods or in greater quantities than intended.Trying to reduce your intake, but not able to do it.
A lot of time either obtaining, taking or recovering from meth.
I am experiencing intense desire for meth.
The search for and use of meth can result in a worsening effect on your home, work life, or even your relationships.
Refraining from social and leisure activities to take meth.
Repetitively using meth in risky circumstances, e.g., before operating or driving dangerous machinery.
Persistently using meth despite physical or mental issues that are caused, or worsened due to meth.
In need of more doses to get the same effect.
Feeling withdrawal symptoms when abruptly cutting or stopping.
Friends and family members often observe physical, psychological, as well as behavior changes of the loved ones. It is possible that they be aware that their loved one is:

Possessing various drugs, like filled bags and syringes and syringes pipes, spoons, or straws.
Making money by stealing or selling items to fund meth.
In the midst of legal issues and arrests for drug-related crimes.
They are showing changes in their appearance, such as severe skin lesions, weight loss and dental problems.2
Showing signs of paranoia, fear of other people such as hallucinations, anxiety and aggression.2
Can You Overdose?
Meth overdoses can happen in the event that a user suffers an adverse reaction to having consumed more meth than their body is able to handle. Meth users could be affected by two types of overdoses. 6 woman staying awake late, displaying an overdose of meth

Acute overdoses can occur when a user accidentally consumes excessive amounts of meth within the span of a few hours. It can lead to grave and life-threatening issues.
A chronic overdose is the effects on health that result from the prolonged usage of meth.
Acute meth abuse can cause an array of physical and mental effects, which could include: 1,2,5,6

More agitation.
Acute paranoia.
Chest pain.
Heart rate irregularity or complete cease-to-beat of the heart.
Breathing problems.
A dangerously high body temperature.
Intense stomach pain.
Heart attack.
Organ damage.
Kidney failure.
In some instances meth overdoses could result in permanent damage to the body or even death.2,6 The earlier an individual suffering from meth addiction receives assistance, the greater chance they’ll be able to recover. It is crucial to call 911 as soon as you suspect that you have consumed meth.

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